Pos. 16 Performing Professionality
Act IV Hidden Agenda

Group exhibition "What is left to steal" Forum Frohner, Donaufestival Krems, AUT

Through interaction of the players sounds are created, which are amplified with the help of 2 contact microphones. The basic element is the "staccato", from Italian "staccare". This is a musical form of articulation in which notes are played only very briefly. I set the staccato as a figure of contemporary forms of action or tries to set an impulse that is interrupted. The move of „staccato“ might be seen as a failed attempt or it could be seen as a reinterpretation of self-sabotage as resistance of production dogmas.  

During the intervention, the sculptural installation was extended by the multifunctional "hotdesks" which I’ve produced for the group exhibition. Hot desking is an interior design strategy for office spaces in which different employees share an office workstation at different times. For the intervention the contact microphones were attached to the steel plate on the floor as well as to the vertically placed plate of the hotdesk.

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