Pos. 16 Performing Professionaliy
Act III Transposition

Installation and performative Intervention by Hanna Kučera
invited Player: Kristyna Nytrova

video coming soon 

⇧ 1st part of the sculptural installation placed in the exhibition space

⇧ Part 2 of the sculptural installation placed in the storage room of Exhibit Gallery  ⇧

Player: grid structures made of steel, storage of the Exhibit Gallery
script and drawings on handmade paper with plant inclusions enclosed by silicone, PVC, building spotlights
intervention on opening day: Kristyna Nytrova, Hanna Kučera, headset microphones, portable parts, sound, cameras, gadgets, laptop, sound card 
dimensions variable/ video coming soon

Groupexhibition „Einrichtung und Gegebenheit: Infrastruktur als Form und Handlung“
Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, Vienna, AUT

© 2022 Hanna Kučera