Pos. 16 Performing Professionality
Act I Welcome to my Office

Performative Intervention by Hanna Kučera
Clients in the order of appearance: Julian Siffert, Elsemaus, Minna Liebhart, Isa Robertini, Astrid Schütter, Nana Dahlin

In Act I "Welcome to my Office" 17 artists got invited with the following words: "Welcome to my office! Please sign up for a time slot and bring a proposal!". A slot lasts 55 minutes, which corresponds to a session of psychoanalytic therapy. Through the titling "Office" the players position themselves parafictionally in relation to the professionalization of the artist-subject, without agreements or preceding scripts. Through that move towards parafiction, the players double themselves and stand directly next to each other as a meta-level (they become para). At the beginning of each session, a contract was concluded that clarifies the rights of the image and sound recordings. Collaboration is directly enacted and performed here. The interaction was visible from the outside through a glass wall. Since the Act happened during a Lockdown the only viewers were students passing by and securities.

© 2021 Hanna Kučera